Once upon a time, there was an adventurous little dog called Coco who went missing from her Queensland home…

Except this isn’t a fairy tale, it’s a brand new children’s book about a real dog, called Coco, who went missing for almost two years but managed to find her way back home to her loving owners.
Coco’s owner and writer of this new book series had imagined all of the adventures she would have gotten up to during the time that she was away from home and it was this that inspired her to write all about it.
‘The idea was started after I got my dog back after she was lost for just shy of 2 years. I came home from work one day and she was gone. I had many, many, many posters, Facebook posts, newspaper ads and nothing. Then one day¬†we got a call from the Noosa RSPCA shelter and someone had handed her in. He had seen her in a park 2 weeks prior and assumed her human was around, then saw her again so decided to stop and pick her up.’
Book 1 is about how she gets out, how she makes a friend and starts her adventure. It’s a super cute book which would make a great bedtime story to read to your little ones and perfect to pop into their sack this coming Christmas.

You can buy your hardback copy of Coco Tales Here >>

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