So what exactly is a Naming Day? Alix Corry a local Adelaide Celebrant tells us more about what’s involved.

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When I first became a celebrant I was a little confused about what they were too.
But,  after doing a few of them, I think they are a beautiful way to welcome a new baby/child to a family.

A Naming Day is best described as a non-religious christening/baptism. It’s a ceremony shared with family and friends to welcome a child to a family. A lot of parents will still choose people to be ‘godparents’ or guardians to their child as they have friends or family that they want to share a special role in their child’s life.

The Naming Ceremony is often held on the same day as a child’s first birthday, however, it can also be held at any time after their birth.

A celebrant can perform the ceremony for you and will make it a beautiful memory in your child’s life.

As a celebrant, I would have a meeting with you to have a chat about your little one and what you are wanting for the ceremony itself. The ceremony itself will involve talking about your little girl/boy; perhaps why you chose their name, your wishes for their future and even a bit about Mum and Dad to develop a bit of a family story.

I would ask you if you want to have godparents or guardians, whether you want any readings or even something like candle lighting ceremony?

I will then write it all up for you and send you a copy to make sure it is exactly what you are wanting. On the day I will be there early, make everything is good to go and then deliver the ceremony! I will also present you with a Naming Day certificate that you can all sign to commemorate the day.

It is a really special day and one you’ll remember always.

Alix Corry Celebrant

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